Speak Now

Talk loudly if you need to sister,
Now is not the time to be silenced
Or held back by the layers of oppression
Be brave and speak truth right now
For years of being pushed back
Voices cast aside to reclaim the shadow
But do not turn your head sister
Do not stop speaking,
Especially when asked to “settle down”
Don’t, do not stop speaking
For all the years your voice has been shut off
Speak now, not just for your cause sister
Speak now for our daughters
Speak now for all the voices quieted
Before they ever had the chance to speak.

NaPoWriMo #14

Alisa Muñiz All rights reserved 2016

When I was a river I created a course to flow
Bending and yielding with graceful ease
It soaked love into the surrounding land

Travelling with nothing of my journey to show
I longed to touch and to become one with the seas
Until one day air told me they knew the way

Explaining all I needed was to trust I could expand
And be willing to remember how to play.

Part of the NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge

Withering Irises

Alisa Muniz Blanchard all rights reserved

Rumbling breath beating
Like hearts in the dark morning night
Clustered together we clench on to this momIRIS and Lenaent
Of whispering transition
Unknown mornings
I sit holding this old crone in one arm
With my young babe in the other
As fingers reach to
Feel breath
Feel memories
In your silly fur

I wish it would snow today
So that you could
Wrap your face in white
And vanishing snowballs
One more time
Before we have to face the truth
That you are so much a part of us
In your pitter patter panting presence,
You have done your work old girl
Building a home around us
Before we even knew we needed one.


Alisa Muniz Blanchard all rights reserved

Death, it isn’t always quick, easy or gentle. Often there are heart wrenching moments of hope that “it” will get better.

But how does mystery heal or get better?

In what ways can wholeness mend except through transmutation?

So we sit, lingering in our aching hearts, as you take your time to finish the work you came to do.

Time makes only room to love you more.


Alisa Muniz Blanchard all rights reserved

The mysteries of existence
Well in tears
Like drops of light
Rolling down
My daughter’s
Sweet cheeks
Rivers and life
Open vulnerable space
In her mother’s heart.

                                        -rip Danny the bunny


I am all
But within the shivering wholeness
There exists a chaos to which
I am powerless over
And it clings to the threads
Torrid cataclysmic wreckage
Which opens the unmanaged truth
To the life before me
Still I trust, that the releasing
Of control, the leaning
Into surrender
Will bring peace to
The wild, eating me up inside.

Alisa Muniz Blanchard all rights reserved

A charm for life

Alisa Muniz Blanchard 2014

Time to move with the energy
Release unwanted cellular memory

Life vision filled with imprudent decay
Part which no longer serve fall away

Photo courtesy of Common-Moments.com

Photo courtesy of Common-Moments.com

No longer will I be an absentee
As I am my fondest devoteeFor I travel with the abundant flow
Reclaiming my spiritual escrow

Stand not at the crossroads passively
Life is a gift we receive magically



Creation Myth

Alisa Muniz Blanchard 2014

Existing in the darkness
Deep slumber
Still before the stirring
The call to creation

She was, the original mother
Powerful creatrix of the
Heavens and the earth

Ancient already
Atabei gathered pieces
Of the consuming
Expansive darkness

Creating two sons
Calibration and balance
Of light Yucajú
Of shadow Guacar

Yucajú, with the fertile earth
Collected stones for the sky
Illuminating the night
And from his heart, the sun and moon

The ground was rich
Trees and plants readily grew
And animals and birds came from Yucajú
To bless the earth and her growth

Guacar sat in shadow
Secluded and still
Watching as life came forth
At his brother’s calling

He stewed in this deep
Swollen silence growing like fury
Lone and forgotten Gaucar
Refused to enjoy the beauty

After a time Yucajú
Decided to honor his mother
Creation of a new life
as the first soul

Locou flourished
Celebrating Atabei and Yucajú
Kneeling in reverence
And wonder

However something stirs
In unseen shadow
Which calls forward bitterness
And vicious destruction

So Guacar trembled in envy
Shaking life from its roots
Separating the land with vibrations
Salty tears of his and man’s fears

Legacy laden with the blame and shame
His reconstruction of the earth
No longer an opportunity of change
Consumed by evil

Mighty shifts of the earth
Called for more gods
To manifest and
Reduce the devastation

To help, Yucajú
Gifted Locou fire instructing
Gather the up turned roots to
Cook cassava as food

Delighted by the beauty of fire,
Locou pulled open his bellybutton
Where from him came
As though he were a god himself, new life

A woman and a man
In likeness of Atabei and Yucajú
To carry the fire forward
Brightening the trembling shadows

In offering they cultivated the land
Celebrated the sun
Cried to the stars and
Blessed the separation of land by the waters

And in the stillness
When times slows just enough
You can still taste the sweetness
Of life before creation


Alisa Muniz Blanchard 2014
from here, the perspective
impresses wonder Family
why this path

as terse words
etch the morning air
and sweetness abandons
lingering hope for more
lingering hope for love

years and months of self-sacrifice
to nurture our demons
of our childhood trauma
in the love we give
to the lives we hold
and those we have lost
along the way

yet as eyes connect to mine
there is a reminder
most important experiments
will fail in the early stages
before becoming successful