Love is neither patient nor kind
She’s a vicious beast
Devouring hope, dreams and self esteem
Next time I see her,
I’m going to bust her knee caps in
Or beg her to take my pathetic ass back.

Poetry Sunrise



Poetry sunrise on a January morning
Stops in wintered fields
Glittering frost bite stars glisten
The writer listens for inspiration
Amidst the over turned bramble weed
And a furry companion’s wagging tail.

Withering Irises

Alisa Muniz Blanchard all rights reserved

Rumbling breath beating
Like hearts in the dark morning night
Clustered together we clench on to this momIRIS and Lenaent
Of whispering transition
Unknown mornings
I sit holding this old crone in one arm
With my young babe in the other
As fingers reach to
Feel breath
Feel memories
In your silly fur

I wish it would snow today
So that you could
Wrap your face in white
And vanishing snowballs
One more time
Before we have to face the truth
That you are so much a part of us
In your pitter patter panting presence,
You have done your work old girl
Building a home around us
Before we even knew we needed one.

Creation Myth

Alisa Muniz Blanchard 2014

Existing in the darkness
Deep slumber
Still before the stirring
The call to creation

She was, the original mother
Powerful creatrix of the
Heavens and the earth

Ancient already
Atabei gathered pieces
Of the consuming
Expansive darkness

Creating two sons
Calibration and balance
Of light Yucajú
Of shadow Guacar

Yucajú, with the fertile earth
Collected stones for the sky
Illuminating the night
And from his heart, the sun and moon

The ground was rich
Trees and plants readily grew
And animals and birds came from Yucajú
To bless the earth and her growth

Guacar sat in shadow
Secluded and still
Watching as life came forth
At his brother’s calling

He stewed in this deep
Swollen silence growing like fury
Lone and forgotten Gaucar
Refused to enjoy the beauty

After a time Yucajú
Decided to honor his mother
Creation of a new life
as the first soul

Locou flourished
Celebrating Atabei and Yucajú
Kneeling in reverence
And wonder

However something stirs
In unseen shadow
Which calls forward bitterness
And vicious destruction

So Guacar trembled in envy
Shaking life from its roots
Separating the land with vibrations
Salty tears of his and man’s fears

Legacy laden with the blame and shame
His reconstruction of the earth
No longer an opportunity of change
Consumed by evil

Mighty shifts of the earth
Called for more gods
To manifest and
Reduce the devastation

To help, Yucajú
Gifted Locou fire instructing
Gather the up turned roots to
Cook cassava as food

Delighted by the beauty of fire,
Locou pulled open his bellybutton
Where from him came
As though he were a god himself, new life

A woman and a man
In likeness of Atabei and Yucajú
To carry the fire forward
Brightening the trembling shadows

In offering they cultivated the land
Celebrated the sun
Cried to the stars and
Blessed the separation of land by the waters

And in the stillness
When times slows just enough
You can still taste the sweetness
Of life before creation

Before the Day

summerfall 2013 110
Splendor arrives early morning
Where the river wraps the land
And sky touches the autumn treetops
Crisp air clears lungs
With steaming breath
Dancing with damp toes
In the lingering star dust dew
Sparkling like a million gems on grass
Silence of mind and voice
Captures the loud song
Of the greatest symphony

Alisa Blanchard 2012

Feeling embittered by the way
Embers fall into the lap
Of the sleeping sun
Taken for granted
That one source of heat
Share the same sensation
Unaware of the difference
Sun flares with the change
Of tempature
Burning deeper with
Cooling drops

Of life

By Alisa J Muniz Blanchard Copyright 2012

Photo by Alisa Blanchard All rights reserved, not to be used without permission.

Having been retrieved
From the bosom of the earth
And born from the dust
Of ferric oxide
I surrender to the song
Floating down the river
To the great mother’s
Thirsty ocean mouth
Even in the fire,
I still taste the sun
Salty and smooth
Moving my body
In the breath of life
Dancing as a
Windborne seed lifted
By the green breeze
Filled air
Shifting into shadows
I become in motion
Of divine love.

Time to Begin

Copyright 2012 Alisa Blanchard

As unfolding rapturous reclamation soaks the
Founding ground
Not tomorrow, but today we must carry forward
Our juicy dreams
Showering the sheltered fear sanctuary
With hope and love
For in this moment a wild howl shakes and rattles
A rotting foundation
If you are interested in burning down the doors,
It is time to begin