Nourishing Thanks

By Alisa Muñiz Blanchard, All rights reserved 2013

I nourish my soul, with the warmth of the sun
I nourish my body, with the fruit of the earth
I nourish my hearth, with the love of this family

I give thanks for all that makes me whole
Feeds my body and my soul
I give thanks, for all that I have.


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Goddess of the Water

By Alisa Muñiz Blanchard,  All rights reserved 2013

I am the Goddess of the Water
When you cry you are invoking my name
I hear you call out for healing
And cleansing
Your tears and I are one in the same
So let your tears flow like a river
Release let go
In my sacred waters you grow.


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Your Birth Song

Oh perfect Cadence,
Who lingers in the warmth
Of Kate’s womb

Hesitate to resolve the song
Your turnaround slows the tempo
Dissonance shows no reward

As we anticipate the conclusion
Harmonic rhythm tells us
Modulation must happen

There is a different key now
Your inverted position
Turns the movement around

Such love was put into this song
Played from Dad’s hands
And Mother’s serene vision

Radiating with love and light
Your deceptive progression feels heavy
Having intended a different ending

We face the distant sound a
Familiar ending approaches quickly
It is not a transpositional equivalency

Having heard your birth song
Which still resonates in our hearts
We are left to contemplate

The different sequence is
No less or more important
As considerable effort was made

You teach us patience and humility
An unassuming strength in
Devotion and variation

You bless the whole of your shelter
By finding sanctuary in your parents arms
Your sweet life we now cherish

Sacred Rite

By Alisa J Muniz Blanchard copyright 2012

It’s a sacred rite
It’s a sacred rite

How my belly does swell29743_1292306743651_3012596_n
And I honor the life
That within me dwells

It’s a sacred rite
It’s a sacred rite

How my bosom does swell
And I honor the life
Who drinks from my well

It’s a sacred rite
It’s a sacred rite