NaPoWriMo #8

by Alisa Muniz all rights reserved 2016

First I was hard and buried, no wait
before that I was part of my mother
then I became a piece that broke away
and fell to the ground

On the ground I hardened, feeling un-held,
exposed to the elements,
I learned to love the sun, moon and rain
amidst the lonely days

Over time, I began to change in ways I couldn’t see
sinking into my own rotting world
letting it cover me in mossy earthen dampness
somehow I stopped liking the sun on my face

Life in darkness became my home
safe in the crumbling folds of rotting bone
ancient tears and dried up ocean
but all I saw was the vacuity of the moment

Coarse deprecating eternities pushed and pulled
as I sat still in their quaking dissonance
a harmony of emptiness and loss
vibrating and shifting a dying within

Broken and collapsed I welcomed the sweet death
pieces of all I had to be disappeared
leaving me with nothing to contain my smallness
I started to expand

Pushing outward somehow I knew where to go
though I didn’t know where I was going
outside of my smallness it seemed I had purpose
and an inward propelling direction

Suddenly I was no longer dying darkness
or turned soil of the earth
without breath or fire
watered only occasionally

Reaching I discovered I was of the sacred earth, but not only earth
and in a moment became the wind in my budding awakening
fueled by the burning sun which called me to dance at the fireside
as rain sang songs in my turning opening spirit.

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