NaPoWriMo #6

How to eat an avocado
In order to eat an avocado the right way,
You must start with a perfectly ripe fruit
There are many ways to assess if an avocado is ready
Least effective is throwing it against the wall
Which can lend itself to a terrible mess
Like a cute lover, it is best to
Gently pinch its bottom to see if it gives
While popular belief suggests
Cutting the fruit in half to expose the seed
Is the best way to open the fruit
The avocado prefers a slower approach
That won’t expose the seed too soon
Most want their skin caressed
Like sheets on your lover
Covering creamy flesh
At which point it is ok to break a little
Skin with your fingernail or teeth
Don’t rush it, deliberately pull at the skin
Or nibble if you wish,
Pulling away the leather covering
You know it is done correctly
If your lovers leather comes off easily
At this point you may want to
Dive into the sweet flesh without reserve
But I caution you to pause
Explore the fruit with your eyes
Inhale the anticipation between you
Then, your mouth is ready to explore
Smooth, supple, yielding indulgence
Bliss, of tongue and teeth on your lover
Feel free to bite, lick, or linger in the moment
Or plunge in like a famished beast
Because at this point it has become personal
The sensual exploration of fruit
Will often leave you wanting more.
Part of the NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge

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