A Life Worth Making

Alisa Muniz Blanchard
Two roads lend a hand to my fate…(tharr be more)
And uncertain of tomorrow’s need
And myself, I decided to wait
And glanced down one which seemed so straight
But wonder, could I live with its creed;

Then took the other; less refined
And vaguely declaring intention
Because it was compassionate and kind
With humanity be entwined
Blocking the road for circumvention,

To my young eyes both about the same
Decided be optimistic
For my life’s journey is not about fame
Sincerity does not carry shame.
Forgive me for being idealistic

And when we come to say goodbye
To be proud of our moral sense
Our youthful soul; body no longer spry
Seeing regrets little in supply
From living life with no pretense.

Fashioned after Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”




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