First Day

Tonight babies morph from “help me momma,”
To “I got it don’t worry”
I remember the days you would look to me
Asking with eyes, wondering if I would notice
Now you just do, no outside direction or confirmation
Shifting plates in the earth
Personhood developing deeper levels
Assurance and confidence
I sit awake wondering
Did I teach you the necessary things
Or is there something more you need
To take each day and treat it like a
New door asking to be opened and walked through
With life to explore on the other side
My breath is still in anticipation
Of when we will meet again
Eye to eye and heart to heart
Here I see you walking away into the sunrise
Abundant in aspirations and
Seeking questions for answers
May each step be filled with wonder
Moments of small magnificence
and intrepid exploration
Into the awesome human that is you.

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