Heart Warrior

By Alisa J Muniz Blanchard copyright 2012

At the cross roads
I pause long enough
to hear the voice deep
in the depths of purpose

When all my senses
burn like fire
I listen and take hold
of the inner course
coursing through me

I choose a path of yes,
agreeing to keep myself safe
by knowing with clarity
boundaries and
saying no if I must

Below the tip of my tongue
I gird my sword
where it will rest
napping tenderly

The heart will cut through
shadow and doubt
with the light of love
as a beacon in the fog
of the night

I step into myself
ready for a existence
of immeasurable service
and dedication to the
yearning visions within 

In my life’s work, I walk
as a guardian to all
that seek the truth and as a
bridge to those who are unsure 

When systems dissolve I will
absorb and transmute
fear into fuel to sustain me
in the moments my faith
falters and I stumble

For the way of the heart warrior
is one of conviction
interwoven with tender trust
and surrender to the beauty
my divine life is here to bring

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