This amazing post by Triple Moon Arts is an insigeful look into human nature relearned.
“Towering above them all is a lesson, an ethic so ancient it spans all cultural contexts and eons of time. It’s what many in the U.S. call the “Golden Rule” – something often not practiced in our still-learning-to be mindful, coming out of “Me” culture. It can better be understood as the ethics of reciprocity, and it is as ancient a wisdom and transcendent as the mysteries as life itself. It’s found throughout human history, cultures and religions, as an edict, guide, and parable for how to be a good person in community, how to be good to self. ”

Karen Sharpe

My grandmother made her life manageable by adjusting her attitude toward others. The small courtesies, unspoken comments, the gentle smile over the bitten tongue, were all her daily practices.

She died this past April after living 100 and one half years – and by all testaments, including her own, it was a wonderfully fulfilling life that she enjoyed till the end with her wits about her, good humor and social grace. She told her share of stories over the years, and also imparted many wise words of advice. (“Never go to bed angry” is my personal favorite and challenge.) Near the end of her life though, her recall began to fade about specifics, but she was buoyed by her ability to keep her good humor and agreeability and went about her days with unwavering determination that she’d live to see another.  

I cannot remember a time that she appeared…

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