Harvesting the Heavens

Alisa Blanchard Copyright 2011

I gather the stars
put them in my pocket
where they cool and dry
dusty pieces of charcoal
sweet messy reminders

the film covers my fingers
clinging memories,
yearning to be back
dancing in the stars
the universe never ends

I live in the mountains
each day drive up
to the top so I can be
near the clouds
above the world looking
down, out, over

on days like today I
move through thick clouds
reaching out my window
saving pieces of the clouds
for the next time I wish I could fly

I plunge into the murky waters
cool and invigorating
awoken and moving
water goddess in motion
under, up and out

plants wrap around my calves
soft and lush, they feel like me
flowing in the current
the underwater breeze
grounded yet fluid

I rapture in unyielding
waves bliss and strength
bubble up swallowing me whole
panting and singing
orgasm after orgasm

letting go, finally surrendering
then unfolding sheets to
hang naked in the sun
kissed in laughter
shaken awake

I am flying, I am burning, I am swimming,
learning to harvest the heavens
here on earth, divinely
perseverance drips like sweat
bring it on: ready, set, go

shrouds unveiling
community coming alive
pulling out the power tools
building her back up, fearless
priestess me: rising, reignited, reborn

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