Masters of Fear

Copyright Alisa Blanchard 2011

Fear heals not wounds but wounds the unwounded
Bounded by perpetuating destruction and pain
We forget that the blind cannot see
But they can feel the rain 

The sound of terror and anger echo in my mind
Fortified with their misinformed half truths
I can’t but help wonder where have grace
And compassion gone

A macro world viewed with our microself-scope
Increasing the alarms which ring deceit
Our lives vanish quickly in the funnel of
Media propaganda

Masters surmounted in privileged entrap us
Measured “safety” and vigils to alienate
Community circumscribed by freedom
And having to pick sides.

Dictated by the belief of not loving war
Or the way we are portrayed as a country
Makes us seem like ungrateful expatriates
Haters of our protectors

We live our free lives entrapped to the phobia of love
Inflicting our freedom to worship or crusade
On commandeered nations
Freed but not liberated


This poem was written in May 2011, after Bin Laden had been killed by US Secret Operatives- and witnessing the way people glorified and paraded, as though all wrongs of the world were suddenly gone. As new unrest rises in the country (and all over the world) and our youth protest corporate greed, I am reminded of the hope I had for them to be more. The world is changing and we can either be a part of the change in a pro-active way, or sit in complacency and become reactionary.

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