Make noise on your jouney

Today I am feeling joy. My niece/sister/’daughter’/friend Katlyn L. graduates Boot Camp. During her time at boot camp she held leadership roles and will receive a special “Leadership Award” today. I wish I could be there- but like many things she will achieve in her life; I won’t be there for in physical self- but heart self.

She did this by herself, being held with loving hearts and words of others.

I would like to honor Katlyn for the dedication she has given to her life’s vision. To holding true to her heart when everyone she knew around her, questioned her devotion and integrity.

When I think of what I wanted most for her in this life time, to stand in the light of her truth despite the doubt and fear around her, she has achieved this. I know that not only will she continue to listen to her heart, that she has not lost herself in this journey, but has become more aligned.

This allegiance to her soul and kind heart shines like a million suns. I am proud and inspired. Even now I continue to strive and re-align myself to my lost heart self. Yet this woman, who I hold in my heart as the closest of sisters/daughters- (niece doesn’t do it justice), is standing holding hands with her quiet hidden self, stepping out of the shadows to say “here I am, and I am more than ready.”

Let us find inspiration in the generations to come. Let us know they are capable of manifesting change not just in the world, but in us, as the stand blatantly with mirrors for us to see who we really are. Let us trust they will find ways to hear the deep truths of life and self. Let us believe they will bloom into Nurturing: Priestesses, Priests, Warriors, Healers, and beyond.

If we cannot believe in their endless well of possibility, how will they ever believe in themselves? It is our job to expect and trust in their divine worth every moment we can. And when we get weighed down with the thoughts of how the younger generations are so lost, let us recall the times in our own lives, when we too were lost.

I am reminded of the day I lost my way from the trail with a friend during a hike. There in the woods we wondered if we would find the path soon, debating to stay in place or move on. When in the distance, faint voices and jingles of dog collars tickled our ears and senses. We looked into each other’s eyes and said “did you hear that?!” Only to have our own dogs lead us to this group.

We met a gentleman and his companions who told us how to get back on the familiar trail, offering to take us. As we walked he explained how all the trails that were “up hill” led to the main trail, so if we ever got lost out this way, up was the way to go. I remember him commenting “all the paths up, will get you to the same place. Seems you took the scenic route- many will hike these woods for years and never get to see the magical parts in between you just experienced.”

I know now it isn’t about our future being so lost, they will never return, because it is unfair of to expect them to know the way. It is the responsibility of us, who kind of (or really) know the way to make enough noise on our journey that those who need the help know where to look along the way.

So Katlyn, on this day when I am honoring you, I am also trusting you to be your own song on this journey. To be open to those who have found you and need you for guidance; you will always remember where you are going, so even if you choose to take a detour to help another find their path, remember you know these roads.

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You have come a long way, and you will go even further. (Did I mention I love you and I am proud of you?)

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