Hands Full

This place is starting to wake up now: I hear the chatter downstairs and the car doors closing outside. I sit in my office, reflecting and grounding before I start the day. I love being here in the morning before the day really starts. The warm comfort of being alone in serenity of the morning, with nothing but the sounds of the birds, river and rabbits is what aligns me.

Some days I walk around the grounds to become “grounded” before I enter the building. A survey of the space on this earth where my energy resides most of the time is a refreshing way to reconnect. But these are the days I bring my camera, usually. Doing this ritual however can fill my soul up instantly with the splendor of like, I love doing it! I should (will) do it more, even on days the camera stays home.

Today was one of the days I felt an extra pull to do that exercise, as a blanket of fog hugged the sprawling hills around me. It was a mystical and magical world to explore out there. But I didn’t do that walk today because my hands were full. Such a relevant metaphor for life!

The truth is sometimes in life your hands are full. It is your responsibility to be aware and know of what you are holding on to in life and what you are passing up by holding on to it: is it really worth it?  There are too many times in life when we ought to put down what we are holding and take that time to enjoy life.

Photo courtesy of Common Moments

This is the only “this” life we will get.  I have been discovering that making time to do the things I love is not just making the time for what I love. It is making the time to nurture and to rekindle the spirit I know burns in me.

But most importantly it is making the time for me. And well I think that perhaps making time for me is pretty darn important, since I am the only person who will go through my whole life with me. Furthermore, over time I have really come to appreciate me for the wonderful complete person I am.

So what will you do today that you love, to make time for that fabulous “me”?

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