In This Room

By Alisa Amlika Blanchard Copyright 2011

In This Room

I broke into a little room of myself
unnoticed, untouched, forgotten all together
until today
The dust stirred and lifted
a filter to the sunlight creeping in
I stood puzzled

Many days were spent in this place
So familiar, left still for all these years.
Holding my breath I could hear
the laughter and tears
distant groans of the bed frame
as we jumped in sheer joy.

Should I be here, in this familiar comfort,
I thought to myself as the dust settled.
What is left of her, I wonder?

My daughter ran past the barricade of
confused frozen self, rushing to
the patch of sun broken on the floor.
She was glowing in front of me,
A vessel for life and light
twirling in song,
Divine manifested.

I took a step into this sanctuary, to be closer
to this creature of tomorrow
how she slithers around me sparkling
like a time honored serpent dressed in mirrors
She, the pulse of our cord
She, the scribe of my memory
She, the key to spirit

Dancing in circles, hands reaching
reaching, begging for the sky
I shake off my cob webs
to dance Her dance
and listen to her songs.

In this room we are sisters
She has become my greatest source
of inspiration and wisdom to date
unfettered by life’s oppression,
She surrenders her existence to bliss
to complete embodiment of herself

I pried open the window to call for
the children of the community
how the boys peeked in with curiosity
as though this place of love was not for them
He, the surveyor
He, the protector
He, the quiet dreamer

And though I have not
birthed a living son, I have begun
to see how my hands and words
Must live to nurture them
Must live to provide encouragement
Must believe they can be more

Because in creating a tomorrow
where men continue to feel unloved
we only draw a deeper gap of pain and hurt
which serves no one, and destroys us all.

In this room the sons have become my brothers
their stories and places just as
magical and inportant as ours
powerful retreats for inspiration and hope
unknown for generations

My room has become theirs as well

We are all children in this room
whose hands are still small
and must continue to explore
this world we call home

We are all children in this room
Sisters and Brothers sharing
our future through dreams
of the stars and of tomorrow

We are all children in this room
coming together to worship
the astonishing splendor
of our true self, in youth.

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