Life’s Work

I am the embodiment of many interests, jobs, traits and beyond. My interests vary, as I am passionate about life. From knitting to adding numbers, I have been known to surprise most people I meet with “what I do.”  I could summarize below who I am at this moment, but much like the seasons I change and grow. Not to mention being born a Capricorn with Gemini rising, I am a mix most people find particularly interesting, never knowing which surprise is in store for them.

This current moment finds me shifting and changing as I embrace my life and the divine. I am deeply spiritual but not religious in the traditional sense. Each day I look for new ways to honor and celebrate another moment in our human experience.

I am fostering my collection of inspired reflection to share with communty through ritual and ceremony. I am taking this time to reconnect in my spirit self connection and the fluid of parenting myself and my children. Open I am, to the wild exploration of what it means to be alive. I welcome you on the journey as well.

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